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Negative constant for income

The intercept of -40348,806 is the prediction if all predictors have a value of zero. Thus, a woman (sex = 0) of age 0 and height 0 would be predicted to have a negative income of -40348,806. This is ...
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Sample size calculation for moderated moderation (three way interaction: continuous x continuous x continuous)

The main difficulty with the simulation is that accurate specification of all parameter estimates is difficult as we don't have a good idea of the magnitude of the parameters. I see that as a ...
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"NA" in multiple regression

You have perfect multicollinearity. That is, (at least) one of your regressor variables is a perfect linear combination of some (at least one) of your other regressor variables. As a result, the ...
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Computing and simulating average marginal effect standard error using Delta Method with reproducible codes

One thing you are doing wrong is that you do not take the square root of result: you are comparing a variance with a standard deviation. The second thing, if I ...
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