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Count Data Dependent Variable

A number of hours is probably a count, as long as you round to full hours. Once you track minutes, or fractional hours, it's no longer count. That said, my first distributional assumption would not ...
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SPSS R^2 for Negative Binomial

It is not at all obvious what $R^2$ should mean in this case. Is it the squared Pearson correlation between observed and fitted values, $R^2=\left(\text{corr}\left(y, \hat y\right)\right)^2?$ Is it ...
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Running a Negative Binomial Regression with Overdispersion

I am less experienced with NB regression, but can offer my insight if others don't chime in. To your questions: I am testing the number of days people go running in a week (dependent variable) ...
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GLMM with negative binomial- narrowing down variables & choosing a model

Regarding your first question, it looks like the issue is that you have more predictors than observations. When you have a categorical covariate (e.g., Site), each level is treated as a separate ...
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