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Interpretation of lavaan SEM growth coefficients and covariates' influence on slope

I have coded these as 0, 3, and 7 to represent the years ... Is it accurate to say that this is the rate of growth per year in absence of the covariates? It is the average change per year (across ...
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GLM for longitudinal or time-series -- how to model and interpret a binary logistic regression over time controlling for covariates using R

You can use emmeans to calculate contrasts: library(emmeans) em <- emmeans(mod_longitudinal_covariates, ~ year_completed_cat) ...
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Why do dynamic panel data models with random effects yield different effects depending on the R package (plm vs lme4)?

The problem seems to be your model specification. If you have a lagged dependent as predictor in your model, it can be problematic to estimate a random effect (or fixed effect) as well. See https://...
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Centering Variables in Multilevel Models with Longitudinal Data

The Enders & Tofighi (2007) article is fantastic. I do think that they are light on details for the longitudinal case because that wasn't the focus of their paper. Fortunately, there are other ...
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