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Why RandomForestRegressor.score() return a coefficient of determination?

Wikipedia: the coefficient of determination, denoted $R^2$ or $r^2$ and pronounced "R squared", is the proportion of the variation in the dependent variable that is predictable from the ...
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Calculating error on a double natural log fit

It is surprising that you call "double log fit" because this is a single log fit : $$y=a\ln(pt)+b\ln(qt)$$ $y=\ln(p^a t^a)+\ln(q^b t^b)=\ln\left((p^a t^a)(q^b t^b) \right)=\ln(p^aq^bt^{a+b})=...
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Modeling a functional relationship with Constrained Gaussian Process regression

To address the problem of modeling a nonlinear relationship with a response variable $y \in (0,1)$, one viable approach is to use a Gaussian Process (GP) model while transforming the response variable ...
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How to use Box-Muller transform to generate n-dimensional normal random variables

Box-muller generates points uniformly on a n-1 sphere and scales them with a chi-squared variable. For the n=2 case the generation of uniform points it requires only sampling an arcsine distribution. ...
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Regression analysis with max value

If this is your actual data set, then you do not have enough to fit more than a linear or maybe a quadratic. Then you have the problem of a few points that are identical, and an outlier. If you cannot ...
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