SAS is a statistical software package. Use this tag for any on-topic question that (a) involves SAS either as a critical part of the question or expected answer, & (b) is not just about how to use SAS.

SAS is a proprietary cross-platform general-purpose statistical software package (Official Website).

Various Resources for SAS include

  • The online documentation includes the SAS User's Guide which contains quite detailed information on SAS procedures, including syntax, theoretical details, and examples.
  • The proceedings of SAS Global Forum. The proceedings were formerly referred to by the acronym of SUGI, which stood for SAS User Group International, but in 2007 the group was renamed to SAS Global Forum. The proceedings include short papers related to programming aspects of SAS as well as statistical analysis.
  • The UCLA Academic Technology Services provides various tutorials on conducting statistical analysis and programming in SAS
  • Chris Hemedinger on his blog, The SAS Dummy, has posted a listing of various SAS blogs he follows (including his own) in two Google reader bundles. Even if you don't use Google reader it is possible to follow the trail to the various webpages.
  • Lex Jansen has indexed all of SUGI/SGF as well as many SAS regional.

Other Forums in which you can ask SAS specific programming questions (in descending order of activity)

Also make sure to check out the questions tagged with here at Cross Validated, as well as the Meta thread with listings of support for statistical software which includes SAS.