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Multiple logistic regression with ordinal predictors

If your predictors have a natural order to them, then treating them as more continuous makes more sense, and can be interpreted much like any other predictor in a regression. The problem with treating ...
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Imputation Missing data

This situation should be approached with multiple imputation (MI), as explained by Stef van Buuren in Flexible Imputation of Missing Data. The complete-case restriction of your proposed "rules&...
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What methods to use in pre and post testing?

I will address your questions individually: Do I discuss just the 102 participants within my analyses? I would advise against just using these participants. Your analysis will be obviously biased ...
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Imputation Missing data

There are several questions here. I don't mean any of the following to be unfriendly, but I'm trying to interpret your questions and the useful answers are just not coming. Hopefully this will help ...
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