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Interpreting discrepancies between R and SPSS with exploratory factor analysis

I know this is an old post but I ran into the same issue. It seems this is a known issue where SPSS and R implement Promax differently.
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When is R squared negative?

Here's an explanation for those from the ML field: a negative R squared means that the model is predicting worse than the mean of the target values ($\bar{y}$). In other words, the mean squared error (...
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Statistical relationship with both dependent and independent variables percentages that sum to 1

Maybe a proportional regression model would be appropriate here with an appropriate choice of linke function. In SPSS Statistics, this can be done with the STATS PROPOR REGR extension command, which ...
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What is the difference between Partial Eta Squared and Partial R Squared in factorial repeated ANOVA?

Partial $\eta^2$ can be derived directly from the sums of squares table from a single fitted model: Partial $\eta^2 = \frac{SS_{\textrm{effect}}}{SS_{\textrm{effect}} + SS_{\textrm{error}}}$ For ...

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