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Defining clinical follow-up: Fixed Period vs. Maximum Duration

You are effectively performing "survival analysis," but your event is complication rather than death. Tools for survival analysis can be used for any defined type of event if you want to ...
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Can I utilise time series properties of the data, WITHOUT creating lags?

If your data is 'time-series by nature' then next value depends on the previous. When you say 'I don't want to use lags', you are going directly against this. The problem with not having previous ...
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Which statistical test would you recommend for this experimental design?

Generalized Linear Mixed Model with Nesting You could model this with a generalized linear mixed model, which would look something like this: ...
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variance of the estimator of unconditional mean of AR(1) process

In this paper, Hinkley, D. V. (1969). On the ratio of two correlated normal random variables. Biometrika, 56(3), 635-639, the author attacks directly the distribution of the ratio of two correlated ...
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Multi Level / Hierarchical Time Series Models in Python

STAN may be an option. It has a Python interface. see:
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