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Interpretation of non significant results of the Mann-Kendall Trend Test

Your last paragraph is correct. Maybe someone here can find a set of cutoffs for "small", "moderate" etc. trends, although if you searched then there may not be a set. But, even if ...
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Testing geometrical trend in a tail

You can iterate through indexes from 1 to some value, remove the first i elements and check how well log(x[i:]) fits a linear trend. You can use simple linear regression and R^2 metric to evaluate how ...
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How do I determine sample size for determining a trend over time?

I can partially help, and will follow this question in hopes that someone will answer the other bit. You say that you intend to keep the time between samples constant. I suspect that the decay is non-...
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chi square for trend - SPSS

In SPSS I tried to run a chi-square trend analysis, but this linear-by-linear association only outputs the p value. Odds ratios for each level do not appear. I recommend doing it on Epi-Info - CDC, as ...
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