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Z score comparison in longitudinal studies

Perhaps you are trying to unbury some data that doesn't exist in raw form. In any case, I don't think its a good idea to standardize the data and then run mean/rank difference tests. Doing any form of ...
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Comparing means with three data points

You can use the IOTT. That's the interocular trauma test. It hits you between the eyes. As Stephen and Tim point out, there's no minimum sample size for a t-test (or some others) to be valid. But will ...
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p-value correction after wilcoxon/mann-whitney test

The 'corrections' for multiplicity always entail a loss of power to detect interesting effects and that's why your post-'correction' p-values are large. The mindset that adjustments for multiplicity ...
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Wilcoxon Test gives W=0

It is very natural to get a value of W = 0, especially in Wilcoxon matched pair test. This happens when the values of all the observations in the "after" category are bigger / larger / ...
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