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Dustfinger - Reinstate Monica

I’m an engineer who began writing code at the age of 12 and am passionate about solving problems with beautifully written code. I’ve since specialized in building frontend and backend systems across the stack such as websites and mobile apps. I'm currently in the US on an O1 (Extraordinary Ability) visa.

Although most of my activity on Stack Overflow is with the Android tag since that's what I got my start in, I'm also familiar Python and Django and it's what I do at my job right now. In my spare time, I ride my bike, read a lot, and build robots.

The recent actions of Stack Exchange have been reprehensible. The lack of professional conduct, the tone deaf way they've been dealing with the community, and the unfair and unjustified way they've dealt with Monica Cellio.

Monica is an exemplar of the community, it's incredible how she's managed to keep a level head during this time when emotions have been very high.