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Bioinformatician, computer scientist and geneticist.

I mainly work with human and great ape genetics. I'm trying to use demographic models to understand speciation.

Author of several books on programming and related technologies

  1. Beginning Data Science in R
  2. Functional Programming in R
  3. Advanced Object-oriented Programming in R
  4. Metaprogramming in R
  5. Functional Data Structures in R
  6. Domain-specific Languages in R
  7. The Joys of Hashing
  8. R Data Science Quick Reference
  9. Introducing Markdown and Pandoc
  10. String Algorithms in C
  11. The Beginner's Guide to GitHub
  12. The Beginner's Guide to Todoist
  13. Pointers in C Programming
  14. Introduction to Computational Thinking

I have also written a popular science book, on the future evolution of our species:

  1. Future Humans
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