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Circa 1981 when I was in early secondary school our chemistry teach had brought in a Sinclair ZX80 home computer which actually ran programs! I had heard about how programs follow instructions, and computers use a binary number system of ON/OFF states. I was very interested. In out local RS McColl's newsagent there were magazines appearing on the shelves all about this home computer revolution. Pocket money was duely spent and we (myself and my brother) poured over the articles and pictures of VIC 20s, Sinclair ZX81s, and some more exotic beasts like the awsome looking Apple II and apparently the TRS80 was a good machine too. Much saving of pocket money and earning from paper rounds and fruit picking funded our revolution in electronics. We coun't quite meeet the full cost of our chosen Acorn Atom 2K ready built computer. But one day we traveled 30 miles by car (Mum driving) to the nearest retail outlet (which actually had much more expensive computers as well and served business customers mainly). Luckily Mum helped us financially to top up to the Acorn Atom we had totally nailed as the best home computer on the market. With my 2K of RAM, I spent much time designing game screens in ASCII ( no high res on the 2K Atom). We tried typing in programs from "Atom" magazine and getting them to work. We learned a version of BASIC which would later be improved into BBC BASIC and also 6502 assembly language as the BASIC interpreter also read and assembled 6502 which could then be called from your BASIC program. So it began, and my brother ahead of me took Computing Science as a degree, I went more hardware with Electronic Systems and Microcomputer Engineering. Fast forward to today, I have been supporting computer graphics and creative applications in a top UK art College. I have aquired an MSc in IT. I mainly support 3D design application and UX design application. I also keep up with various current technologies in App development and Web development areas

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