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Mafuj Shikder

•Expertise: JAVA,J2SE, J2EE, JAVA , Web Services,JavaScript,Spring Mvc,Hibernate etc. •Comfortable: Angular, Node, Android etc. •Familiar: Chrome extension, Android App, ,Html,CSS,,BootStarp,Ajaxetc. •Tools: Git, Webpack, Chrome Dev Tooletc. •Forgetting: JQuery, JQuery-UI etc · Overall responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the project, Reporting periodically to all the stakeholders, Project Planning and Tracking, Risk analysis,Counter action and Team building and on site deployment. · Excellent Interpersonal skills, outstanding problem solving and decision making skills. Account Link: Fiverr: Github : Twitter: Facebook: Stackoverflow: Quora: Google+: Tumblr: Hackerrank: Instagram: Dribbble: Youtube: Upwork: Behance: Medium: Skype:MAFUJ SHIKDER

  • S/O:LT.Abdul Haque Miazi 1671 Polashpur,Dhonia Dhaka
  • Member for 24 days
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  • Last seen May 26 at 17:01