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Chris Davies
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Longtime Unix/Linux user (first used 1984, professional since 1988).
Enjoying a bit of a change with Windows (professional, on and off, since 1988).
Know which I prefer.

Ad hoc consulting enquiries welcome by email to info AT (I try to reply to everyone. If you don't see a reply please check your spam folder.)

Feel free to buy me a coffee should you want to do so. Or perhaps 1L4f2nKJXE6wyEBcvvrLPJhu6feZAGc7xT means something to you, should you prefer anonymity. Either way, I can particularly recommend Machu Picchu from Café Direct if you'd like to try something yourself.

Have you tried the English tradition of bell ringing? I ring at St Peter's Church, Harrogate (UK). You can read a story or a poem about it, or even watch a video if you prefer.

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