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Linear model with log-transformed response vs. generalized linear model with log link
25 votes

Here are my two cents from an advanced data analysis course I took while studying biostatistics (although I don't have any references other than my professor's notes): It boils down to whether or not ...

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Interpreting proportions that sum to one as independent variables in linear regression
Accepted answer
9 votes

As follow-up and what I think is the correct answer (seems reasonable to me): I posted this question on to the ASA Connect listserv, and got the following response from Thomas Sexton at Stony Brook: "...

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Interpreting growth curve analysis (GCA) main effect in light of interaction (eye tracking data)
1 votes

I think this is essentially the answer I was looking for: In Barr (2008): Analyzing ‘visual world’ eyetracking data using multilevel logistic regression, it is stated: "With orthogonal ...

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