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► MY MISSION: (1) rid the world of poorly-constructed surveys that waste money, frustrate customers, & provide misleading results, and (2) educate survey makers and survey takers on how to gather and act on timely & accurate feedback

Since 1998, I have successfully advised more than 400 companies, learning organizations, service providers, non-profits, colleges, and trade shows on how to increase response rates, interpret customer feedback, gather real-time metrics, and rapidly improve teaching, learning, and customer service through the use of proper survey and evaluation techniques. My work is guided by 20+ years of research and application across every industry:

• Director of 1st University laboratory to evaluate web-based learning • Senior Research Fellow - Army Research Institute • Senior Evaluator - National Science Foundation & U.S. Department of Education • Author, Consultant & Speaker on topics of surveys, customer feedback, evaluation & training • Evaluator and co-PI of $9MM in funded projects of national impact • Pioneering Entrepreneur – created 1st automated course evaluation system in Higher Education • Created & critiqued 5000+ surveys and evaluation forms • University Evaluation Committee Chair

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