I have 2 years of daily data of demand of some product. I can observe daily as well as yearly seasonality. I did run decompose method(frequency = 365) to separate data into trend, seasonal and random components. I am interested in getting random data but it gives almost constant random component.

Then I did use TBATS model with multiple frequency (7,365) and getting level,scope,season1,season2 components separately. Can i get the random component from this ?

Actual problem is I want to find significance of one variable on demand but seasonality dominates that and i am not getting any correlation. So i am trying to find correlation from the random data ...


The "random" component in a decomposition is the remainder from subtracting trend+season from y. So in the TBATS model, the residuals are the equivalent.

  • $\begingroup$ Thank U very much ... plz clarify one thing, I want to find price change effect on the random data ( Residuals(tbats)) .. In the whole data, i am getting only seasonality effect ....Am i going in right way ?? $\endgroup$ – user1590205 May 13 '17 at 10:59

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