I am using the following code to try implement eigen-vector centrality for a weighted graph G. The nodes represent search terms and the is an edge from node A to node B if someone searches for A and then B. The edge weight is the number of times this happens i.e. the number of time someone searches for A and then searches for B.

import networkx as nx

G = nx.DiGraph()

G.add_edge(1,2, weight = 100)
G.add_edge(2,1, weight = 1)

centrality = nx.eigenvector_centrality(G,weight = 'weights', max_iter= 1000) 

However I am getting identical scores for each node, the output of the above program is: {1: 0.7071067811865476, 2: 0.7071067811865476}

I suspect that the algorithm is not taking the weights into account, otherwise the scores would be different (?)

How can I can I make the program look at weights?


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