I have the a dataset like the following:

Experiment A B C Group
1 10 1 3 M
2 30 10 10 F
3 20 30 10 M
4 1 15 4 F

And I am looking for differences in the proportions of A, B and C between the groups M and F. I am not sure what test should I use.

Should I sum across the columns A, B and C to obtain a contingency table such as:

 A B C  
M 30 31 13
F 31 25 14

and perform a chi squared test?


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You should do in R chisq.test(data) where the data is second table where you have 2 random variable one being gender and the other is having 3 classes A, B and C, what ever it is : say year. The degrees of freedom will be 2 for your case.

Of course, I assume you need a Test for independence, and Chi Squared distribution is used for Test for independence, because De Moivre theorem.


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