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A maximum-entropy Markov model (MEMM) is a discriminative model that extends a standard maximum entropy classifier by assuming that the unknown values to be learnt are connected in a Markov chain rather than being conditionally independent of each other.

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HMM and CRF: the label bias problem and I-equivalence

I have a question about the label bias problem in HMM and CRF. I understand that HMM and MEMM suffer from the label bias problem, which is a preference for states with fewer transitions. The problem ...
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Is there any advantage of using MEMM instead of CRF for named-entity recognition?

I wonder whether there is any advantage of using maximum-entropy Markov model (MEMM), a.k.a. conditional Markov model (CMM) instead of using conditional random fields (CRF) for named-entity ...
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Named entity recognition and class imbalance [duplicate]

I have implemented Maximum-entropy Markov model (MEMM) for the Named entity recognition (NER) problem. I have four classes: geographical, people, material (book titles etc) and other. Class ...
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Creating a maximum entropy Markov model from an existing multi-input maximum entropy classifier

I am intrigued by the concept of a Maximum Entropy Markov Model (MEMM), and I am thinking of using it for a Part of Speech (POS) tagger. At the moment, I am using a conventional Maximum Entropy (ME) ...
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