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How to balance PCA and LDA in subspace learning?

PCA is a generative model, by which input images or data can be reconstructed. LDA (Linear Discriminant Analysis) is a discriminative model, which extracts better features for classification. How to ...
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Why are LLMs generative models [duplicate]

According to Wikipedia: A generative model is a statistical model of the joint probability distribution $P ( X , Y )$ on given observable variable $X$ and target variable $Y$; A discriminative model ...
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Role of the prior in Linear Discriminant Analysis

I am trying to understand probabilistic generative models a bit better. I am looking at linear discriminant analysis for $C = 2$ classes. According to what I've seen, the likelihood function can be ...
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how to compute two bottom-up evaluations for discriminative Sum-Product Networks with Marginal Inference?

I am struggling with the two bottom-up evaluations for Sum-Product Networks with Discriminative Training with Marginal inference. In the paper "Discriminative Learning of Sum-Product Networks&...
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How to evaluate a dataset in terms of discriminative features across classes?

Is there a way in machine learning to evaluate datasets in terms of how difficult/easy they are to handle for classification purposes? In other words, to calculate a number that gives an indication of ...
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Why Logistic Regression is not a generative model?

I was reading about the difference between discriminative and generative models, and I read that Discriminative models learn only the boundary between classes hence they are not able to to create new ...
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Discrimination/Slope Item Response Theory Models

In item response theory (IRT), 1-PL models, which include a slope parameter in addition to the intercept parameter, are better able to discriminate test-taker talent. Higher slopes translate to ...
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Why generative models are better at detecting outliers?

I've read somewhere that generative models are better than discriminative ones to detect outliers in our dataset—why is that true? I think its somehow related to decision boundaries and ...
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Is k-means a generative model and how could it be used to generate new data then?

In today's lecture we learnt that k-means would be generative model. I am really puzzled on this because in my intuition it would be more a discriminative model since there is no probability to ...
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Are text generation models generative or discriminative?

I've recently been studying generative and discriminative models, and I had a question regarding text generation. I'm aware that generative models model $P(X, Y)$ and discriminative models model $P(Y |...
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