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Correlations between continuous and categorical (nominal) variables

I found this article helpful in understanding why and where which correlation will be used How to Calculate the Correlation Between Categorical and Continuous Values
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Reference for Directional Statistics of Plane Orientation

On spheres (embedded in Euclidean space), a natural and useful metric for comparing two points is based on the cosine of their included angle, $$\delta(z_1,z_2) = 1 - z_1\cdot z_2$$ where $|z_1| = |...
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Analyzing lists and variables of multiple answers

Your data structure is called categorical multiple response set (MRC). Each variable is "next answer" and the values are the responses (or, better, numeric response codes). Another structure ...
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How is this formula derived

TL;DR: The factor $\ln(10)$ arises because changing the base of a logarithm involves multiplying by the natural logarithm of the new base (in this case, 10). The multiplication by (100) converts the ...
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