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analytical asymptotic approximation of the expected maximum, mean, and minimum distance of nearest neighbours in unit ball

It helps to look at this abstractly. Suppose we're in a metric space at a fixed point $x_0$ and for any possible radius $r\ge 0$ the chance that a single random point lies within distance $r$ of $x_0$ ...
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Find expected value using CDF

Alternative derivation of $EX = \int_0^\infty \left(1-F_X(x)\right)\mathrm d x$ (for a positive r.v. $X$): For any $x \ge 0$ one has that $x=\int_0^x 1 \mathrm dt = \int_0^\infty \mathbf I_{t\le x}\...
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Expectation of binomial random variable

It seems that what must have been meant was $$ X\mid N \sim \operatorname{Binomial}(N,p) $$ and $\mu=\operatorname E(N).$ In that case you have $\operatorname E(X\mid N) = Np$ and then $$ \...
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I would like some insight into what I have been working on here

Summarizing comments into an answer: When a potential customer opens the door and allows the salesperson into the house, then the salesperson must take the time to make the sales pitch. If the pitch ...
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Formula for expectation that works both for the continuous and discrete cases

To address your question on whether the expression $$ \int_{\mathcal{X}} x \, P(\text{d}x) $$ is generic enough for both the continuous and discrete cases for the expectation of a random variable $X$: ...
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Jensen's inequality for one of several variables

The answer is actually no. Here is a counter-example. Consider $f(x, y) = e^{x+y}$. Assume that $X=1$ with probability $1/2$ and $X=-1$ with probability $1/2$. Let $Y=-X$. Then you have that $f(X, Y) =...
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expected value of a fishing strategy

The approach works the same as the dice problem, but now you work with the lightest fish instead of a single fish. You try to improve the expected value of the lightest fish and by doing that you ...
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expected value of a fishing strategy

Day5 (last) Let $A,B$ be respective the min and max fish in hand. Let $t_5$ be our threshold for rerolling the minimum fish on day5. Let $E_{5}[{A,B}]$ be the value of having the option to reroll when ...
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