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How to use the parameters estimated by MCMC?

This "answer" addresses the question implicitly, focusing on the predictive distribution. We have: \begin{equation} p(y_i|\lambda_i) = \textsf{Poisson}(y_i|\lambda_i) , \end{equation} where \...
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Updating prior in MCMC with new estimates for parameters

As pointed out by @Xi'an in his comment, you want to use the full posterior distribution as the prior for your next analysis. Option 1 involves somehow finding a way of summarizing the posterior you ...
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influence of bayesian priors: rjags and categorical variables

If you set as a prior for the ID coefficients a uniform distribution between -5 and 5, this means that these coefficients are assumed to be in the interval $[-5,5]$, other values are impossible. These ...
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