I'm using the Spearman correlation coefficient test for multiple non-parametric ranked categories in excel. I used the built in rank function in excel to calculate the rank of each individuals but i have many ties because there are 10 to 208 categories for 2k instances. In the variable with 10 categories excel ranks go directly from 1 to 2100 with no intermediary ranks. Should it be doing this?

The spearmens test is giving high r values like .25 for 2747 instances and very low p values for the two ranks .25 but pearsons on the two ranks gives negligible r values like .05. This is the formula I followed: http://blog.excelmasterseries.com/2010/09/spearman-correlation-coefficient-test.html

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While ranking the data for use in Spearman correlation is possible with Excel formulas (like almost everything), it is not that easy.

I would suggest a little easier solution, that at the moment will work only in 32-bit Excel: use RExcel:

  1. First you'd need to download and install the R 2.15.2 for Windows.
  2. Then Open the R prompt and copy & paste the following code (which will install, among others, components that will allow quite seamless communication with Excel. All software has uninstallers in case you decide to remove them later):
  1. Then open your Excel, paste your data (I'll assume it comes in two collumns)
  2. On new ribbon you should click "Start R": Start R
  3. Put this formulas: enter image description here
  4. On cell H8 you will have the p-value.
  5. If you want to have the Spearman correlation coefficient $\rho$, type in this formula:


  • $\begingroup$ if your data is non parametric you can use excel to rank the data however is correct then use R to run Spearman $\endgroup$
    – user11279
    Nov 10, 2012 at 6:55

Pearsons Correlation of excel ranked data gives an r which can be placed in an fdist to obtain a p value. http://udel.edu/~mcdonald/statspearman.html excel's rank function is not useful for the spearman correlation coefficient because it does not consider ties in a manner consistent with the methodology.


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