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Can regression coefficients be higher than correlation coefficients? [duplicate]

I created a model, and in some cases I have regression coefficients between 2 variables that are slightly higher than correlation coefficients. Is that normal?
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Correlation Coefficient and Regression Line [duplicate]

I'm fairly new to data analysis. I'm working with a dataset of around 40k observations and looking at the correlation between those variables and my target variable. I'm trying to understand more ...
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difference between RAW regression coefficient of slope vs. Pearson's correlation (with two variables)? [duplicate]

I know that the equations for obtaining the RAW regression coefficient of the slope and Pearson's correlation (r) are different, but conceptually, how do those two differ when you only have two ...
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Is the correlation coefficient more than a measure of the tightness of fit? [duplicate]

or in other words, to what extent and under what conditions, the correlation coefficient can be indicative of what a regression slope signifies (in the case of a linear bivariate model)?
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Total inconsistence between Pearson correlation in a correlation matrix vs Pearson test AND Rsquare smaller than Pearson [duplicate]

I have a very urgent issue that I need to solve this weekend. If I create a linear model between 2 variables and look for the R square with this code: ...
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What is the difference between linear regression on y with x and x with y?

The Pearson correlation coefficient of x and y is the same, whether you compute pearson(x, y) or pearson(y, x). This suggests that doing a linear regression of y given x or x given y should be the ...
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Multiple regression or partial correlation coefficient? And relations between the two

I don't even know if this question makes sense, but what is the difference between multiple regression and partial correlation (apart from the obvious differences between correlation and regression, ...
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Difference between the assumptions underlying a correlation and a regression slope tests of significance

My question grew out of a discussion with @whuber in the comments of a different question. Specifically, @whuber 's comment was as follows: One reason it might surprise you is that the assumptions ...
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What is the 'right' slope formula of a regression? deltas or Pearson?

this may be a silly question, but still: I've been told that the slope formula equals the rise/run ratio, like this: $$ m = \frac{rise}{run} = \frac{y_2 - y_1}{x_2 - x_1} $$ in which rise equals ...
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Using Pearson's correlation coefficient for probability

After a sample size of 400+ I was able to get a Pearson's coefficient of .25. How am I supposed to break this down into a probability or a percentage. Rather, how can I explain my findings in laymen ...
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Why is correlation not appropriate in situations when regression is?

Assume I have one variable X that I experimentally manipulate, and then measure the corresponding values obtained for another variable, Y. Assume also that the two variables are both measured along ...
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Assumptions of correlation test vs regression slope test (significance testing)

If my understanding is correct, then the test on a regression slope in a simple bivariate regression - i.e. the test of $\mathcal{H}_0$: $b = 0$ in $Y' = a + bX$ and the test of a correlation, i.e. $...
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What's the difference between Pearson correlation, Spearman correlation and regression?

If I only have two random variables with normal distributions, I know that Pearson correlation is the same as linear regression correlation coefficient. But for Spearman correlation, is there a ...
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When will regression coefficient equal correlation in multiple regression? [closed]

For the following $$Y = B_0 + B_1X_1 + B_2X_2,$$ when will $B_1$ be equal to the correlation between $Y$ and $X_1$? When will $B_2$ be equal to the correlation between $Y$ and $X_2$? Why?
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Correlation Differences in R

Something mesmerizes me in R: Why are they differences in my correlations depending on the function/package I use and Which package::function should I choose in what circumstances Consider the ...
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