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R-squared for linear mixed effects model [duplicate]

I ran linear mixed effects model in R. model<-lmer(yld ~ rain + (1+rain|state),data=data,REML=FALSE) Is there any way I can generate an R-squared for the ...
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How to obtain the p-value (check significance) of an effect in a lme4 mixed model?

I use lme4 in R to fit the mixed model lmer(value~status+(1|experiment))) where value is continuous, status and experiment are factors, and I get ...
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Getting P value with mixed effect with lme4 package [duplicate]

I have problem with getting p value from my mixed model, library(lme4) ...
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Confusion over lmer and p-values: how do p-values from memisc package compare to the MCMC ones?

I was under the impression that the function lmer() in the lme4 package didn't produce p-values (see ...
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I want to use pvals.fnc() to get p-values for a lmer() model but cannot get rid of correlations between random factors

My problem can be summarized very simply: I'm using a linear mixed-effects model and I am trying to get p-values using pvals.fnc(). The problem is that this ...
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How to get an effect size in nlme?

I have recently been asked to provide an effect size for a mixed-effects linear model which I had fit using nlme. After doing a lot of hunting, it's become clear that effect size with mixed models is ...
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Using correlation for "explained variation"

I present using dummy data for an example, see below for R code to replicate data. Imagine that I have collected data on how much mail 500 people receive. In my survey there are 250 men and 250 ...
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R: Mixed ANOVA works with the aov{stats} function and fails with the anova_test{rstatix} function. Why?

I can implement a rather complicated mixed ANOVA in R with the aov{stats} or the lmer{lme4} functions, but not with the anova_test{rstatix} nor the Anova{car} functions. My question follows: How can I ...
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Report glmer.nb - degrees of Freedom for the F-Statistics?

So far I fitted a glmer.nb Model for count data and would like to report the results. In some papers I have seen the F-Statistics as an option - but here I am not sure about the degrees of freedom ...
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Running post hoc analysis after running Linear mixed model in R

I have a dataset that has 2 groups ("MICT" & "HIIT") and 3 time points ("pre" & "Trained + AcuteEx" & "Trained"). Below is the code that I ...
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Studying independent variable strength with R^2 values

I have a dataframe in R and wish to assess the degree to which each of my independent variables impacts the dependent variable during mixed models analysis. To do so, I've built a mixed model using ...
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