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simr Power analysis consistently yields low power

The problem with your simulation is that there is no meaningful 'effect'. You are simulating a standard normal distribution for your predictor and then a second normal distribution, centered on the ...
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Calculating minimum sample size required for repeated measures linear mixed model using the simr package

Some Background Since you don't have a strong idea yet of what effects to expect, I recommend that you try to find articles that cover this to a degree. There is a lot of reaction time studies out ...
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Omitted variable bias: 3 correlated variables and 1 omitted (R simulation)

Your calculations are incorrect because in a regression with more than two explanatory variables the omitted-variable bias (OVB) for x3 is not a function of ...
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How to simulate n Uniform[0,1] variables with a specified correlation?

Inspired by @whuber 's approach, I created my own approximation that I hope might be useful to future readers. The essential insight is that the function $f^{-1}(\rho)$ (which allows one to determine ...
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