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Model selection for glmer in R

One comment which stuck out to me: I have been told that this model may be too complex, and that I should try model selection to solve this. Based on the AIC (430.7), I think that this is indeed the ...
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Model selection for glmer in R

As noted by Gregor above, there are a few different ways to compare models, but all will involve running additional models and comparing the AICs (or BICs) to see if the random effects structure is ...
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Mixed models - interactions or individual regression

In general, the interaction model would enable you to test if a treatment works better for one group than for another. With separate groups you would only see that there is a difference in treatment ...
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GLMM with negative binomial- narrowing down variables & choosing a model

Regarding your first question, it looks like the issue is that you have more predictors than observations. When you have a categorical covariate (e.g., Site), each level is treated as a separate ...
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How to insert temperature and precipitation data on a GEE or GLMM model

More of a too long comment. I really want to study the effect of temperature and precipitation, and I am thinking of using them as fixed factors, but it does not sound correct because they are a ...
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Visualization of a mixed effect logistic regression model?

There are a number of ways to visualize logistic GLMMS. For my examples, I use a logistic GLMM from here using their same code in R (with some minor changes): ...
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